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“The purpose of meditation is to pacify and calm the mind. If we train ourselves in meditation, we will discover greater peace within ourselves and we will enjoy an increasingly pure happiness. Finally, we will enjoy happiness at all times, even if we have to face the most adverse circumstances.”

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general program

The General Program offers a basic introduction to Buddhist insight, meditation and practice and is ideal for beginners. It also includes advanced teachings and practices, both sutra and tantra.  

core program

Its goal is to offer a systematic presentation of specific topics in Mahayana Buddhism so that you can deepen your knowledge and experience of Buddhism and meditation.


We continue on June 22

AT THE KMC MÁLAGA Wednesday 6-9 p.m.

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kadampa teacher program

It caters to the needs of those who wish to become authentic teachers of Kadampa Buddhism. In this program, fourteen sutra and tantra texts are studied, and in addition, participants must maintain certain behavior and lifestyle guidelines, while completing several meditation retreats.

Starts in September 2022

At KMC Spain