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Who are we?

The Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Spain is a non-profit organisation, registered in the association of religious entities of the Ministry of Justice.
It belongs to the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT-IKBU), an international union of centres of study and meditation founded by the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, for the diffusion of the Dharma Kadam.

Who are the classes for?

The Buddhist meditations and practices that we teach are appropriate for beginners who wish to benefit from inner peace, as well as for those who wish to pursue a spiritual path in depth.

Where should I start?

Ideally, you should attend meditation classes and workshops.

The teacher will gradually show you how meditation can help you to understand the mind. In this way, you will learn to transform negative mental states into positive, troubled into peaceful and unsatisfied into joyful.

What do I need to know to attend a class?

Classes are the best way to start for those who wish to learn more about BUDDHISM and MEDITATION.

It offers a basic introduction to vision, meditation, methods of action and other Buddhist teachings and practices.

How is the class structured?

  • A short preliminary meditation

  • Explanation of a topic from a Buddhist perspective

  • Meditation on the explored subject

  • Discussion and questions

How do you reserve a place?

It’s not necessary to reserve in advance. The classes are open to everyone.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

To attend the classes you don’t need to wear anything in particular, just something comfortable.

How much does it cost for a class?

  • 30 minute classes 3€
  • 1.5 hour classes 6€
  • If you have a Kadampa card it is free

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