Due to current conditions we are unable to receive volunteers. Thank you so much


To participate as a Volunteer is a wonderful opportunity to spend a season in our modern Buddhist community and get to know, or deepen, your experience with meditation and Buddhism in everyday life.

Volunteers stay at the Kadampa Meditation Center, where our Buddhist temple is. They get food (three meals a day), accommodation and the opportunity to participate in classes and meditation courses, in exchange for 35 hours of work during one week with two days off. The main jobs at the Center are cooking, cleaning, gardening, advertising, office work, etc.

“I had a fantastic time. The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is very warm. I loved the meditation classes which inspired me a lot, as these people try to put into practice the teachings of Buddha, to be happy. The other volunteers were friendly and fun to be with.”

What to expect

The Kadampa Meditation Centre, Spain is located 30 minutes from Malaga Airport and in a natural environment surrounded by mountains. It is an ideal place to disconnect from the problems of everyday life and relax in a warm and inspiring atmosphere.

The work varies according to what is needed, but includes cooking, gardening, cleaning, office work, manual work, etc. We also have ongoing construction projects and improvements to our facilities so, if you have specific skills, they will be very welcome.

Volunteer periods are usually for one week, from 09:30h – 17:30h with food and tea breaks. Outside of your work schedule, you can participate in classes and meditations organized by the Center. On your free days, you can take advantage of exploring the surroundings or simply relax in the quiet atmosphere of the Center.


Accommodation and meals

All meals are vegetarian, eggs and dairy included. We cannot offer special diets.

We offer comfortable, air conditioned accommodation in dorms of up to 8 people maximum, and Volunteers only need to bring a towel and, if possible, work clothes and footwear. We also ask for a photocopy of your identity card and health insurance card, and a deposit of €50 which is returned at the end of your stay.

The Meditation Center is a Buddhist community, therefore visitors are asked not to drink alcohol or take intoxicants, not to smoke, eat meat or fish, or play or put on loud music.

Due to current conditions we are unable to receive volunteers. Thank you so much