21st- 25th of june 2019 | Silent retreat

Gen Tharpa will explain and guide simple, yet profound meditations that begin to open up a whole new inner world to gain deep insight and ability to understand and control your mind.

Meditation on the mind (Mahamudra) is the heart practice of Kadampa Buddhism. A great favourite among practitioners and praised as being one of the best methods to improve mindfulness and concentration.
Deeply relaxing and profoundly illuminating, these meditations will improve your meditation skills and empower you to maintain a happy and peaceful mind in your daily life.

Dive into the silence and the clarity of your own mind and experience the tranquility and transformative quality of the mind’s pure nature, allowing you to let go of limiting and painful self-conceptions and to progress towards becoming the person you wish to be.

Being in silence (verbal retreat) allows the mind to settle and find peace. In this way you will be able to concentrate better during meditation and to leave all the stress and busyness that we are normally immersed in behind.

Gen Tharpa will explain this process fully in the Introductory teaching on Friday evening. Although this retreat is guided as a whole there will be occasional unguided sessions to build confidence in our own meditation practice and increase concentration. Brief prayers to aid meditation will be chanted in each session.

Prayers and translation 

In this retreat the teachings will be in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Everyone is welcome. The retreat is suitable for those new to meditation as well as experienced practitioners.


During the retreat we will do several sessions each day, and each session we will receive a teaching and do guided meditations.


19h – 20:30h Introduction


10h – 11:15h Teaching and meditation

12:30h – 13:45h Teaching and meditation

17:00h – 18:15h Teaching and meditation

19:00h – 20:00h Questions & answers


10h – 11.15h Teaching and meditation

12.00h – 14.00h Prayers Offering to the Spiritual Guide


Gen Kelsang Tharpa

GEN THARPA is a close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and a senior teacher of the New Kadampa Tradition who has been teaching Modern Buddhism in Spain, Portugal and England for over 30 years. He has great ability to convey the profound Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion with clarity and the depth that comes from his personal experience. Both beginners and more senior students enjoy Gen Tharpa’s profound understanding of Dharma as well as his simplicity, wise counsel and good sense of humour. He is a living example of how to practice the Kadampa way of life in the modern world.



Price per person in dormitory. This price includes food, accommodation and teachings.



Prices for the full event

  • Single room: € 295
  • Twin room: € 520
  • Shared room : € 230
  • Dormitory: € 210
  • Only teachings: € 130 (with meals)
  • Only teachings: € 80 (no meals)
  • Single day: € 25
  • Single session: € 9

Important notice:

  • All rooms include ensuite bathroom.
  • Al rooms include the bed linen.
  • Towells are not provided in any of the rooms, it is possible to rent one in reception.
The meals are vegetarian with dairy, eggs, gluten and condiments.
We regret not being able to offer special diets. All the facilities of the center must remain as places free of smoke and noise.

The bookings are made online. If you have difficulties, please contact us through the email [email protected] or tel. 952490918.

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Learn to identify, reduce and elliminate negative and harmful attitudes.

Inner peace

Relax, pacify the mind and enjoy real inner peace.

Positive attitude in life

How to handle difficult situations and transform them in spiritual paths.


Enjoy a lucid and clear mind and improve your physical and mental health.

Good heart

Improve your relationships and come to feel closer to others.

Pure happines

Fulfill your own wishes and become a source of inspiration and peace for others.