Spanish Dharma Celebration 2019

Buddha Shakyamuni Empowerment                                            and Commentary on the Liberating Prayer

5th-9th December 2019
with Gen Kelsang Chokga, NSD of the NKT-IKBU in Spain


In the same place that Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso gave the Transmission on the Liberating Prayer, in December 2019 we will have the great opportunity, once more, to receive the Commentary on the Liberating Prayer along with the Empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Without Buddha’s kindness we would not understand the true causes of happiness and suffering. Through the Four Noble Truths, Buddha taught how all happiness and suffering depend on the mind and showed us effective and practical methods to liberate the mind from the source of suffering and delusions, and experience true and everlasting happiness through meditation.

What happens during an empowerment ?

Buddha Shakyamuni empowerment is a special ceremony in which we will receive profound blessings or inspiration in order to activate our spiritual potential of pure peace and happiness. It is led as a guided meditation.

On receiving the Empowerment, a special connection is created between Buddha Shakyamuni and ourselves, which enables us to depend on the help and inspiration of this supreme and faithful friend who guides us on the path to liberation.

Therefore, understanding the meaning of this prayer and moving closer to Buddha Shakyamuni through the empowerment are two very important conditions for our spiritual growth.


The Centre is a peaceful, precious and very blessed place and has a temple with large, beautiful statues. Comfortable accommodation and facilities, relaxing gardens, a swimming pool, café and shop all contribute to make your stay an unforgettable experience.




Gen Kelsang Chogka

NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director of Spain and resident teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Spain in Alhaurin el Grande . She is a buddhist nun that has studied and practiced kadampa teachings since 1998 under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Her clarity in the transmission of the teachings and her affectionate nature make her exemplary as a kadampa practitioner.



  • Buddha Shakyamuni Empowerment
  • Commentary on the Liberating Prayer
  • Book: Introduction to Buddhism



Fee per person in camping. This fee includes meals, accommodation and teachings.

Booking required to attend.


Fees with accommodation have all included (teachings, accommodation and meals)

Full event

Fees with accommodation have all included (teachings, accommodation and meals)

    • Single room 280€
    • Double room 240 €
    • Shared room 215€
    • Dormitory 180 €
    • Basic dormitory 160
    • Camping 150€
    • Only teachings and meals 130 €
    • Only teachings without meals 90 €
    • Food pass for one day: lunch/supper 10 €

Single day

  • Friday (empowerment) 40 €
  • All rooms other than basic dormitory are ensuite.
    Single, double and shared rooms include the bedding. In dormitories and basic dormitory you need to bring your own sleeping bag or duvet (beds include only the bottom sheet and pillow case).
    Towells are not provided in any of the rooms. You can rent one in reception for a fee of 3€
  • Basic dormitory: Only for women.
  • Dormitory: with three or four bunks.
  • Meals are vegetarian including dairy products, eggs, gluten and condiments. We are sorry not to be able to offer special diets.o
  • All Centre facilitiesTodas las instalaciones del centro han de permanecer como lugares libres de humo y ruidos.
  • Bookings are made online. If you have any issue, please, contac us through the email: [email protected] or to the telephone number: 952490918.
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  • Alhaurín Golf, www.alhauringolf.com tel. 952 595 800
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  • Apart. Casa Sardina www.barsardina.com tel. 952 490 014




You will learn to identify, reduce and eliminate attitudes that harm you

Inner peace

We relax, we pacify the mind and we enjoy inner peace

Positive attitude in life

We will know how to handle difficult situations.

We will transform the difficulties


Your mind will become lucid and clear.Improve your physical and mental health

Good heart

Your relationships will improve and you will feel closer to others

Pure happines

Your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will be a source of inspiration for others