About the retreat

Buda Amitayus

Buddha Amitayus practice and teaching on new eight steps to happiness.

Buda Amitayus is the Buddha of Long life, wisdom and merit.

The greatest obstacles to the fulfilment of our wish to experience pure happiness are death and ignorance. Death destroys our opportunity to take the essence of our precious human life, and ignorance destroys our opportunity to develop a pure experience of Dharma. To overcome these obstacles, we need to increase our lifespan and our wisdom, and the principal method for doing this is the yoga of Buddha Amitayus, which is also a special method for increasing the positive power of our mind, or merit. Join us in this event and deepen your understanding and experience of the teachings and empowerment received during the Fall Festival 2018. Learn, in a practical way, how to bring these precious instructions to heart by contemplating and meditating on them.
Enter deep into the sublime union of wisdom and compassion that will enable us to actualize our highest potential for enlightenment swiftly. In this retreat we will take Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s New Eight Steps to Happiness, emphasizing especially the extraordinary practice of exchanging self with others, that unifies emptiness and empathy, so as to experience this transformative wisdom in our heart.

An exceptional teacher who will guide you and give you the guidelines to improve your day to day and that of others.

Suitable for all levels, from beginners to those with previous experience in meditation.

Everyone welcome!

What will we do during this retreat? What is a retreat ?

These teachings will transform your life, improving your understanding of how things really are.

During this 6day retreat we will have the wonderful opportunity to take to the heart and deepen our experience. This guided retreat will be based on Genla Kelsang Kyenrab’s commentary of the Fall Festival

When we perform a retreat, we leave aside all kinds of activities that can distract us and we concentrate on a particular spiritual practice. A retreat can be of three kinds: physical, verbal and mental. We perform a physical retreat when, with pure motivation, we gather ourselves in solitude [or in a group] and we abandon the activities that are oriented toward the external or that which lacks meaning. We carry out a verbal retreat when, with a spiritual motivation, we abstain from engaging in idle conversation and we maintain silence for a certain amount of time. Finally, we perform a mental retreat when we avoid the distractions and the strongest mental disturbances in our lives, such as attachment, hatred or jealousy, through retentive memory and proper conduct. If we perform a physical and verbal retreat but fail to maintain it at the mental level, our solitude will not be of great benefit. This type of retreat will be very relaxing, but unless we avoid the most intense deceptions, our minds will not enjoy any peace, despite the fact that we are retiring. Being physically and verbally withdrawn helps us to maintain a mental retreat, and for this reason, Shantideva, in his guide to the Bodhisattva’s works, praises these two types of recollection.
From the book “Guide to the Paradise of Dakinis”, by the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.



Post fall retreat Gen Tonglam at KMC Spain

Gen Kelsang Tonglam is the National Spiritual Director for East Asia of NKT-IKBU and Resident Techer at KMC Taiwan. He has studied and practised
Kadampa Buddhism for over twenty years. He is renowned for his ability to present Buddha’s most profound teachings in simple and most practical ways,
injecting a renewed enthusiasm and driving force in our ordinary life.


Price per person in a multiple room. This price includes food, acomodation and teachings.
Prior registration required.
If you need help organising your transportation from Temple Portugal to KMC Spain please mention it in your reservation.


Loose session: € 9
Per day € 25

Only teachings without food: € 105
Only teachings with food: € 165
Multiple room: € 240
Shared room: € 275
Double room: € 590
Single room: € 315

Camping: You have to bring your tent, sleeping bag, etc.
Multiple room: from three to four bunk beds. Bring your towels or request them when you arrive for 3 € .

The meals are vegetarian with dairy, eggs, gluten and condiments.
We regret not being able to offer special diets. All the facilities of the center must remain as places free of smoke and noise.

The bookings are made online. If you have difficulties, please contact us through the email [email protected] or tel. 952490918.

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You will learn to identify, reduce and eliminate attitudes that harm you

Inner peace

We relax, we pacify the mind and we enjoy inner peace

Positive attitude in life

We will know how to handle difficult situations.

We will transform the difficulties


Your mind will become lucid and clear.Improve your physical and mental health

Good heart

Your relationships will improve and you will feel closer to others

Pure happines

Your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will be a source of inspiration for others