Estancias de retiro - KMC España

Estancias de retiro

En el KMC España ofrecemos diferentes opciones de retiro. Alojarse en el centro durante el retiro ofrece la mejor oportunidad para sumergirse plenamente en la experiencia del retiro.

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All solitary retreaters observe strict silence during their retreat. However, it is possible to ask any questions by written correspondence as needed throughout the retreat. We offer conducive conditions so retreaters can relax and feel supported throughout their stay – this includes private studio accommodation with ensuite facilities, three nutritious vegetarian meals delivered to you every day, and having experienced managers on hand when needed. There are many beautiful walks perfect for contemplation and exercise, and expansive views to uplift your mind.

Cooled by the flower-scented moonlight and fanned by peaceful silent breeze, they abide joyfully without distractions.”
— Shantideva

Cost & Booking 

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If you have never engaged in solitary retreat at Kailash before, we recommend that you join one of our short group retreats first: please see our calendar of events.

Or if you need a relaxing break for a few days, come stay as a Bed & Breakfast guest.



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