The purpose of meditation is to cultivate positive mental states and overcome negative habits. Through meditation we learn that happiness is a state of mind and that the real source of happiness lies within, not in external situations. When our mind is peaceful we are free from worries and mental discomfort, and we experience true happiness. Meditation is the method to make our mind peaceful and can be practiced by anyone.


Pure Light Meditation – Guided by Gen Kelsang Devi

learn to meditate

Reduce Stress

Experience a calm mind and reduce mental tension and anxiety

Find Inner Peace

Improve your sense of well-being & experience real happiness

Benefit Others

Develop a positive outlook and caring attitude to others

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what is retreat?

Retreat is a time where we stop our normal daily activities so as to emphasise a particular meditation practice. They can vary in length from a day or two, to a few weeks or longer. Retreat enables us to gain deeper experience of what we are meditating on, which will naturally improve our ability to keep a positive mind and good heart all the time.

Find your perfect retreat

Introductory retreats

These retreats are suitable for everyone and are designed to provide an introduction to retreat in the Kadampa Buddhist tradition. From complete beginners to those with some meditation experience, these guided retreats explore meditation essentials and establish the foundation of Kadampa Buddhist practice.

Weekend Away retreats

These retreats are an opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing weekend of guided meditations and teachings on a particular meditation topic. Deepen your experience of meditation and return home feeling positive, refreshed and inspired.

In-Depth retreats

These retreats focus on gaining deeper experience of Kadampa topics such as meditating on the path to enlightenment and accumulating positive mental energy. Most of these retreats include optional silence so we can fully immerse ourself in the practices and take the meaning deep into our heart.

Kadampa Solitary retreat

For Kadampa solitary retreats, we provide perfect conditions for those interested in deepening their meditation practice of Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings through self-guided personal retreat. By withdrawing from distractions and emphasising spiritual practice you will experience profound inner peace. Kailash offers a tranquil and unique environment for your journey within.


Why attend a retreat?

In retreat we take the time to step away from the busyness and distractions of daily life, creating the space in which we can take the teachings to heart and cultivate a deep experience of inner peace and further our spiritual practice. 

If I'm a complete beginner, can I attend a retreat?

We offer a variety of retreats to suit everyone. If you are new to meditation or have never done retreat in the Kadampa Buddhist tradition, we recommend you begin your journey with an Introductory Retreat >>

Can I sit on a chair?

We have both chairs and meditation cushions available in the meditation room at Kailash so you can choose to sit where you are most comfortable. At our external drop-in class locations we only have chairs.

Is there any physical exercise involved?

There is no physical exercise involved. We focus on internal development through contemplation and meditation.

Is the Centre easy to get to?

Despite its remote location, Kailash IRC is very easy to get to by public transport, as well as driving. Please visit the Directions >> page for further details.

Do I need to be Buddhist to attend?

No. We present Buddha’s teachings in a way that is accessible to everyone and welcome people from all faiths and backgrounds.